How To: The Top Knot

The top knot is a style that has stayed throughout the decades, and remains a girl's best friend for low maintenance hair and getting down to business. I love wearing my hair up in a top knot when my to-do list is calling and I only want to do my hair once. Have you ever tried this style and it just didn't look right? Sometimes the knot can sit so awkward, so I wanted to share my top knot secrets with you. I'll break it down step by step for you here, so that you too may have low maintenance and cute hair:

Hair Stylist | Portland

1. Brush your hair! Even messy hair styles benefit from a quick de-tangling. I like to spray a little dry shampoo through my hair after I do this, to make my hair work with me. My favorite for every day use is from the Suave Professionals line- I have liked it more than the luxury brand ones that I have tried.

2. I turn my head upside down to get all my hair wanting to go the same direction- up! I rake it with my fingers into a ponytail on the crown of my head and secure with an elastic. This gives the effect that is not totally perfect and sleek, but not a rat's nest either.

3. Time for the knot part: using both hands, I twist my ponytail loosely while directing it straight up into the air. This twist is then loosely wrapped around the base of the ponytail, making sure that the first bend is facing forward. Continue to wrap the twist around the base, until you get to the end of your hair. Make sure this end is still in a twist, and insert a couple of bobby pins toward the middle of the knot to hide the ends.

4. If your hair is layered like mine, some pieces will be sticking out of the knot and looking a little wonky. You can use these pieces to make the knot look more textured and messy, by changing the direction these pieces go and securing them with a bobby pin (be sure to match the color of your hair!)

5. I have lots of fine baby hairs that like to fuzz out around my hairline. To finish this style off, I spray a little more dry shampoo (the Suave Professionals kind smells amaaaazing). This makes it easy to smooth down these flyaways.

And voila! Your top knot secrets revealed, to keep you looking chic and effortless. Did this step by step help you achieve the perfect top knot? Tag me on Instagram! I'd love to see your creation.