3 Best Primers For Summer

Summer is in full swing in the Pacific North West, and it is already sooo hot! Is your makeup melting off?! It was over 100 in Portland this last weekend! Not to worry, I'm sharing the three best primers for summer and why they are worth the $

Primer has been a popular new product in the Sephora world, but it has been a makeup artist's hardest working secret for decades. Primer is the product that links skin care and makeup together- its purpose is to give your makeup a more even canvas, which gives the result of flawlessand long lasting makeup. However each primer is created differently, and will deliver slightly different results. No matter which primer you choose, it will be best applied to your face with clean fingers after your moisturizer has dried. Here are the ones that are definitely best used in summer:

Summer Makeup

NYX creates such genius products at drug store prices- I think the secret behind their low product prices are cheaper packaging, which I'm totally fine with! It's the products that do the real work anyway.

The NYX Illuminating Primer is going to give a very subtle glow to your skin- perfect for anyone who is wanting to illuminate just a little brighter, without it being actual sweat. This product has a tad of a stickiness to it, the kind that tells your fingertips that your makeup will be going nowhere!

The NYX Hydra Touch Primer is slightly different from the illuminating primer, in that it focuses more on delivering to dryness. If you have dry skin from the summer, this product will give you a little extra oomph on top of your moisturizer. And we all know that happy, moisturized skin is best for makeup application!

Make Up For Ever makes a ton of wonderful primers that cater to a variety of needs. However, their mattifying primer is definitely the hardest working one for the summer time. If you are like me and get super oily through your T-zone when it's hot out, this primer does the most for those oily spots. I don't put this one all over- just a dab to cover my chin, nose and forehead. Then I apply a dab of one of my more moisturizing primers to the outer edges of my face. While it is a tad more spendy than the NYX products, the mattifying powers of this primer are way worth it.

I hope this information helps keep your makeup on this summer! Let me know what other makeup artist secrets you would like me to dish!