Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipsticks have been trending in the beauty world, and once you try them out you see why- they have revolutionized lip color and its possibilities! Now that it has been a couple of years since they were introduced, many of the major brands have reformulated to perfect their lip service even more.

These lipsticks have changed what makeup artists can offer their clients- these formulas are most often long wearing and transfer proof. This is fantastic for brides, because stay proof is a must. My husband loves this, because he doesn't have to wipe his lips every time he kisses me! ;)

Some brands have come out with liquid lipsticks that do not dry down to a transfer proof finish- totally fine, we can still love the colors and the comfy formula, but it's good to understand the difference and that not all liquid lipsticks are alike.

My favorite brands for truly long wearing comfort have been Anastasia Beverly Hills, Beauty Bakerie, NYX, and Colour Pop Cosmetics. These brands have really found a way to make lip color that budges for no one. The best way to remove these lippies is to rub a dab of oil over your lips- which will feel so refreshing after wearing a dry matte formula!

Have you tried any liquid lipsticks? What were your thoughts?