Makeup For Pictures

We've all had those pictures we look back on, where we could just swear we didn't really look like that in real life- are you with me? Sometimes the makeup we wear can work against us in pictures. So whether you're prepping for professional pictures to be taken, or just for a night out on the town full of selfies with your squad, here are some do's and don'ts when it comes to makeup for pictures:

  • Do: prep your skin with moisturizer and primer. This will help create an even and ideal canvas for your makeup.
  • Do: use a little more color than you normally would. Pictures tend to pick up less colors, and what may appear like a little more bronzer than you usually wear in real life, will look amazing when photographed.
  • Don't: use any SPF products. This may be hard for some to steer away from, because protecting your face from the sun is so important. However, SPF will reflect in pictures, making your face look wayyy more washed out than it actually is. For every day, SPF is great. But for special occasions where you know the pictures will be lasting memories, remember this: No SPF!!L
  • Do: line your waterline, no matter the level of drama you're going for. If you are wearing a darker eye look, you may opt for putting a brown or black liner along the inside of your lower lash line. If your look is more natural, you will benefit from using a white liner in this area. This will help cancel and cover any redness in your eye area.
  • Don't: go without powder. A healthy dewy glow is sexy, but an oil slick is not! I recommend using powder through your T-zone to help combat oil, as well as a setting spray to keep everything in place.

Professional makeup artists have been using these secrets for decades, and now you have some inside info on how to apply your makeup for pictures! Are you ready to up your selfie game? Let me know if you have any problems with makeup for pictures that I did not cover here. I'm here to share my artistry secrets with you!