Wedding Hair & Makeup

Weddings are such a special event, that they deserve flawless beauty while still looking like yourself- #amiright? But beyond that, they call for hair and makeup that will last the entirety of the event, and then some. Makeup needs to be kiss-proof, cry-proof, dance-all-night-proof. Hair needs to withstand the weather, hugging and dancing. Factors that contribute to this durable and glam look come down to the products used and how they're applied. This can take a lot of research, time, and $ if you're wanting to DIY for your wedding day.

There are many benefits to hiring a wedding professional, including avoiding the mess of having to learn the techniques and products used by professionals. When a bride hires a hair and makeup pro, she knows she doesn't have to stress about the very important details of looking and remaining flawlessly gorgeous on the biggest day of her life. 

Wedding Hair & Makeup | Portland, OR