A Makeup Artist's Skin Secret #2

As promised, the second skin secret of a bridal makeup artist that will leave you glowing.

We talked about oil last week and its ability to regulate moisture- moisture is the key factor that is going to make or break your skin.

Read: Wrinkles = lack of moisture

Cucumber helps aid the skin in moisture control in a couple different ways. It contains several B vitamins, which nourish the skin. It also provides moisture that stays- when applied topically, cucumber acts as an amazing toner that actually closes your pores! This action is key in avoiding dirty pores throughout the day.

Now that I have your attention, you may have some motivation to follow these simple steps...

1. Chop up 1/2 a cucumber into 1" wide slices or so- doesn't have to be exact.

2. Blend until it looks pretty liquefied- The Ninja Master Prep blender works great for this, as found here:

3. Placing cheese-cloth over a mason jar or tupperwear (it doesn't need to be a big container), pour the mushy cucumber over the cheese cloth. The cheese cloth should catch any leftover solids, and you will be left with pure cucumber juice in your container!

4. Store in the fridge- mine lasts about a week before I need to make a new batch.

This cucumber juice works best when applied all over the face with a cotton ball, after you cleanse your face and before you moisturize.

It doesn't take much to try it! Blend yourself some cucumber and tell me how amazing your skin feels in the comments.

Can't wait to hear how this amazing veggie juice revolutionizes your skin!