A Bridal Makeup Artist's Secret To Great Skin

It only makes sense that a painting is going to be as good as its canvas, right? Sure, if it's roughed up there are some preparation measures that can be taken to give a more even surface, but it will still be hard to apply the paint.

The same goes for our faces! As a bridal makeup artist, I believe in the use of good primers before applying makeup, to get the best canvas possible for the most natural looking makeup. However, primers are no match for healthy skin that's taken care of.

I'm going to be sharing two secrets with you this weekend that are total game changers for your face, no matter your skin issue. You're welcome! Let's get down to it.

The first secret to great skin? Oil. You mean the stuff everyone's terrified of because they don't want their face to be any more oily than it already is? That's exactly what I mean. As a professional makeup artist, I first received my official training at the Aveda Institute of Portland and am a fully licensed cosmetologist. Throughout my study of the skin, I learned that oil is skin's best friend. Today's beauty market is saturated with oil-free items, specifically in skin care and makeup, which leave dry skin types dryer and oily skin types even oilier. The solution? I take off my makeup with coconut oil every night, and gently massage it into my face before I use my cleanser.

I've made it easy for you guys, here is a direct link to the kind I've been using:

The oil is very efficient at removing every bit of makeup (even lash glue), and it gives my skin the bit of nourishment it needs without over doing it. Cleansing it off right after makes sure my skin is not too oily but very conditioned. I used to deal with really oily skin, but these days I have little complaints because of my oil use.

There's your first makeup artist secret to great skin! What could the next secret be? I'm telling you on Monday!